Saturday, September 15, 2012

100-Mile Baby Food

Auntie Kay’s Organic Kitchen
100-Mile Baby Food

Fresh, Local, Organic
Delivered to your door

Baby’s First Tastes
Rice, apple, sweet potato, oatmeal, pear.  $10 + $1.50 deposit
Includes food introduction guide.

Baby’s Breakfast
Oatmeal, apple, peach, pear. 
$8 + $1.50 deposit

Second Stage
First tastes PLUS green beans, carrot, chard, cauliflower, melon.  $12 + $1.50 deposit

Great Grains
Rice, Oatmeal.  $5 + $1.50 deposit

All packages contain 10 1-oz cubes of freshly prepared food that can be stored in your fridge or put in the freezer for later.
(416) 691-3228
AuntieKaysKitchen (at)

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